ALKIMI is committed to sustainability, we work with nature, using eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, especially selected for their cleaning properties.

Our scientifically cutting-edge formulas use sustainably sourced alternatives to petro-chemical solvents. We’ve removed harmful preservatives such as parabens and phthalates, harmful alcohols like MEA and DEA, abrasive chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde from our process, Instead we use sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients, specially selected for their cleaning properties.

ALKIMI’s packaging (bottles, triggers and sleeves) are all fully recyclable and we continually look to further improve our environmental impact.

Our range of cleaning products are also effective through combining the power of science and nature, so less product is needed to clean. Using naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic formulations, ALKIMI powerfully targets dirt & grime and is safe for the user & their environment.

24th October 2018 | News