Here are 15 pet-safe cleaning tips, and thankfully ALKIMI is pet-friendly so you can clean in the knowledge that your furry family members will be just fine!

  1. Clean from the top down
  2. Use steam to clean
  3. Place a mat under your pet’s food bowls
  4. Stock up on pet-safe cleaning products – ALKIMI is pet safe
  5. Inspect your pet’s toys and dishes
  6. Don’t under estimate your vacuum cleaner
  7. Use baking soda to help neutralise odours
  8. Disinfect toys
  9. Do not dry clean your pet’s clothes
  10. Use VOC-free dishwasher detergent
  11. Put nylon leashes and collars in with your pet’s laundry
  12. Get ahead of extra shedding
  13. Protect your pet from pests
  14. Check your pet’s emergency information
  15. Keeping your home clean

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18th July 2019 | News